More Goodies- Couple’s Escape and Weddings!

More Goodies- Couple’s Escape and Weddings!

Hair Services

Koru builds relationships with stylists from around the country to bring you top rate hair services.

Let our stylists from New York and California give you that look you’ve been wanting to try… whether it be Block Island natural, NYC chic, or sun-kissed California.  Please call the spa for prices.

Couple’s Escape

Sometimes you NEED a vacation from vacation. Whatever the reason, run away to our spa for a 2 hour couple’s retreat. Start with a couple’s 80 minute massage. Finish with champagne, chocolates, and some private R & R time away from the world to relax in our spa lounge.  $475


From the toes to the makeup and hair or whether it’s the bride, the whole bridal party, or the groom we have a full array of wedding services available.  Book your wedding services with us and relax knowing you’re in professional, responsible, and experienced hands.  Email to inquire about pricing, confirm availability of your wedding date, book a trial, or ask any assortment of questions!

Massages at Koru Eco Spa

Massages at Koru Eco Spa

All Massages Are Either 50 Minutes/$130 or 80 Minutes/$175 unless otherwise specified.

Swedish: Long gliding strokes make this the ultimate massage for relaxation  Less intense than a deep tissue.

Deep Tissue: A knot busting massage.  Therapists work deeper into your muscles focusing on releasing trigger points.

Eastern: A combination of shiatsu, thai, stretching and more alternative eastern techniques.

Pedisage: Treat your feet to a little R&R, a massage just for the them.  Note this is a 25 minute massage.  25 minutes/$70  (This massage can be added to any 50 or 80 minute massage as well).

Prenatal: A side lying massage with body pillows to help relieve the particular stresses of pregnancy.

Sports: Deep and therapeutic like a deep tissue massage but with focus on sports or any nagging injuries.  Great for pre and post competition!

Block Island Sacred Stone: Based on both ayurvedic and western philosophies, large heated BI stones, chosen for their grounding properties, are placed on key energy centers of the body while the therapists provide a full body massage.  It’s anything but a traditional hot stone massage. (50 min $135/ 80 min $175)

**Aromatherapy: Add aromoatherapy to any massage.  Choose from one of our custom blends below or request your own scent.  $15.

-rejuvenating (lemon, peppermint, & rosemary)
-soothing (lavender & ylang ylang)
-balancing (geranium & vetiver)

**Hot Stones: Turn any massage (except prenatal) into a hot stone massage.  Different from our sacred stone massage, this is a more traditional use of massaging with smaller basalt stones. $15

**Cucumber Eye Mask: Fresh cucumber is pureed, formed into an eye mask, and placed over your eyes throughout your service.  $10.

Body Treatments At Koru

Body Treatments At Koru

Our 50 Minute & 80 Minute Body Treatment Menu

Scotch Beach: Reap the blood stimulating, anti-oxidant, and firming benefits of coffee and finish with a detoxifying African clay mask. 80 min/$170

Mansion Beach: Start with a coffee scrub to stimulate blood circulation and fatty tissue breakdown.  Finish with a detoxifying and debloating French seaweed wrap as you de-stress.  80 min/$170

Crescent Beach: With your choice of either a sugar, sea salt, or coffee scrub this treatment is the perfect summer exfoliant guaranteed to leave your skin glowing.  50 min/$120

Vail Beach: Too many days baring all under the sun? Rehydrate your parched skin with our soothing aloe, fresh cucumber, oatmeal, and local Block Island honey wrap. 50 min/$120

*All body treatments are done by massage therapists and incorporate a shortened full body massage.

Waxing At Koru

Waxing At Koru

We Use A Variety of Organic & Vegan Hard & Soft Waxes

eyebrows $20

lip/chin $15

underarm $25

chest $20

full arm/half arm $45/$35

full leg/half leg $75/$40

full back/half back $60/$40

stomach $25

bikini $35

betweeni $50

brazilian $70


All Facials Use Only 100% Organic & Certified Good For You Products & Ingredients

Too Much Fun: This is our base line facial.  It’s a check up for your skin.  Our estheticians will examine your skin, address the main concerns, determine the products appropriate for your skin and get you started on or update your current skin care regimen.  50 minutes/$125

Lean Mean & Clean: This is the all out clean for congested skin.  Extra emphasis is placed on a deep cleanse, exfoliation, and extractions.  An Indonesian rose & willowbark mask refines pores, combats blemishes, and completes your service.  80 minutes/$160

My First Facial: This facial is for teens or anyone who is newer to the world of skincare.  Let our estheticians examine your skin, explain how to care for the particularities of your skin, and answer any questions you have about skin health.  Products used depend on your skin needs.  50 min/$125

Forever Young: Anti-aging is about hydration, nourishment, anti-oxidants, and sun protection.  A non-drying mud mask with tumeric infuses brightening and age defying anti-oxidants.  We finish this facial with an SPF from our own line, Block Island Organics.  80 min/$160

Backial: Don’t forget the back! After a winter of wool sweaters and harsh weather, treat your back to an invigorating cleaning and massage. 50 min/$120

(All facials are customized to skin type.  They include a skin analysis and a scalp, neck, face, upper back, and shoulder massage.)


All Nail Services Incorporate Only Organic Ingredients & Are Finished With Our Favorite Non-Toxic Polish Line, Priti NYC.

Spa Pedi/Mani: Treat your hard working toes and fingers to a BI honey and lemon organic sugar exfoliation, a hot towel steam, and a hot stone massage. Finish with polish of your choice. spa pedi $65, spa mani $55

Basic Pedi/Mani: Soak, file, trim, paint, and go. A basic mani or pedi to get you back to the beach ASAP. basic pedi $40, basic mani $30

*Add one or more spa components to your basic mani or pedi ($10/per add on):

-BI honey and lemon organic sugar exfoliation

-Hot stone massage

-Hot towel treatment

(french manicure or pedicure $5/per service)