About Block Island:

“Twelve miles off the Rhode Island coast lies a vacation destination often overlooked in the region’s tourism sweepstakes. But if Block Island lacks the stargazing appeal of the celebrity isles of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, the visitors who swarm off the ferries here from Memorial Day to Columbus Day appear blissfully unconcerned.

That may be due to the island’s alluring blend of so many elements that help a frazzled refugee from the working world exhale and relax. This pork chop-shaped island has gorgeous beaches, stunning ocean vistas, 32 miles of hiking trails, 250-foot-high coastal cliffs, a deep sense of history, and a lively night scene.”
-Brian MacQuarrie, The Boston Globe 2007


Block Island

Koru is located on Block Island, Rhode Island an eco-conscious island in it’s own right with over 40% of the land and water conserved as open space.

The island serves as home to more than 40 rare or endangered species.

This commitment to environmentally conscious development earned Block Island recognition by The Nature Conservancy as “One of the Last 12 Great Places in the Western Hemisphere.”

With over 30 miles of trails open to the public for walking, 17 miles of beaches, numerous other land and water sports including fishing, sailing, clamming, diving, biking, windsurfing, kayaking, yoga, pilates, and surfing the community of Block Island is a culture that revolves around the outdoors.

However, the island is first and foremost a friendly place to find a spot outside, sit back, and unwind. A trip to Block Island is a welcome step back in time; shorts and t-shirts are seen in the finest restaurants, phone numbers are exchanged with just four digits, and the homes are without street addresses.


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