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USA Today 2013 – “10 Great Places to Chill At A Day Spa”
Net-A-Porter 2011 – “Three of the Best Pedicures”
TreeHugger’s 2009 Best of Green – “Travel and Nature”
Best of Rhode Island 2007 Editors’ Pick – “Best Eco-Friendly Spa”


“Unlike top notch spas in New York City, where you really feel like you’ve left your surroundings, Koru is less about escaping your surroundings and more about embracing them.”

“Although seemingly a world away, Koru Eco Spa alone is worth a trip to Block Island, though the long beach grasses and clear sparkling waters certainly enhance the experience.”
–Ocean Home Magazine

“Get your little piggies a pedicure at Koru Eco Spa, an eco-conscious spa that treats you snout to tail.”

“Their amazing Lil’ Guys pedicure uses local ingredients, such as a lemon and honey exfoliating scrub and includes a divine hot stone massage.”

“Seated in grand pedicure chairs made from reclaimed wood, our feet sloughed with sea salt taken from the sands just beyond the spa walls, we felt our worries quickly wash away.”
–Boston Magazine

“Owned by Lauren von Bernuth, Koru—a Maori word meaning “renewal” that von Bernuth came across while living in New Zealand—opened a few years ago, and occupies one of the historic buildings on the waterfront’s main street. The peaceful space has been decorated with eco-friendly paints, billowy green curtains to divide treatment rooms, and original photography. Even the spa staff’s uniforms are made from organic cotton, and printed materials were created with soy inks.”
–Healing Lifestyles & Spas

Koru Eco Spa delivers first class rejuvenation and bodywork and lives up to its name with a strong commitment to the environment.  As we sat and enjoyed our superb pedicures, our eyes wandered out the window that overlooks the Old Harbor, where passengers leisurely come and go on the ferry. The spa produces many of their organic products, some of which have celebrated attention at NYC Fashion Week.”

“‘The Nature Conservancy has called Block Island “one of the last great places in the Western Hemisphere.’ Who’d want their mani-pedi habit messing that up? At Koru Eco Spa, owner Lauren von Bernuth strives to lessen her spa’s  environmental impact, conserving water, supplying staff with organic cotton uniforms, and favoring local and natural treatment ingredients, such as soy-based Priti nail polish and lavender and honey harvested right on the island.”
–The Boston Globe

For an unquestionably green escape, head to Koru Eco Spa on Block Island in Rhode Island. It’s environmentally-friendly from the ground up, with non-toxic interior paint, reclaimed-wood furniture, and organic cotton uniforms. More importantly, the treatments use organic, natural, and from-the-island ingredients, like local beach rocks in the hot stone massage, island herbs in the nail treatments, and honey from a nearby farm in the facials.”

Koru Eco Spa favors organic and local treatment ingredients, plus the spa’s chairs are made from reclaimed wood, its walls are covered with low-VOC paint and the owner purchases carbon offsets.”
–Rhode Island Monthly