About Koru Eco Spa:

Back in 2007 when we began planning Koru we chose to use Block Island itself as our source of inspiration.  Our goal was a laid-back and friendly island atmosphere rather than a stuffy and intimidating experience.

Perhaps most importantly, we wanted our services to be as pure and pristine as Block Island.  That lead us to look into using ingredients straight from nature in our services which then lead us down the path of discovering just how prevalent toxins are in the health and beauty industry.  Once we discovered how much of our industry is awash in dangerous chemicals we committed to being an “eco” spa that would only offer services and sell products that we could confidently say met our standards of quality and safety.  Our commitment still stands today and continues to carry thru in all of our business practices.

Our paint is non-toxic, our furniture is made from reclaimed wood, our uniforms are organic cotton, we off-set our carbon emissions, and our spa products are non-toxic.  Unlike a certain famous green muppet, we like to think it’s easy being green.


Our mission:

“As a small, but full service spa that strives to lead the way for a greener future, Koru prides itself on being a little spa with a big mission”

At Koru our goal is to provide you with an experience that restores your sense of self and reminds you to care for your entire being from your toes to your muscles to your mind.  Our spa embraces our surroundings on a stunningly beautiful and eco-conscious island and brings the Block Island experience inside and into our services.  We offer only 100% organic and non-toxic services because we believe in limiting the toxins in our life.  We hope one day products and services will not be “organic” versus not organic, but that the industry standard will be entirely toxin free.


The Koru team:

We get asked a lot about our staff, who they are and where they come from.  Some are long time year round island residents, some are new to the island, many find themselves pulled back every season by a love for Block Island, some live on the mainland in RI and commute every day by ferry, and occasionally some are from distant countries.  The one thing they all have in common is that they are all highly skilled and committed to their chosen fields and to providing services on par with the best spas and salons in the country.


What does ‘Koru’ mean?

Koru is the Maori symbol for an unfurling fern frond and a term meaning a renewal or rejuvenation. The Maoris are the indigenous population of New Zealand, a country we feel a strong connection with due to a shared love and appreciation of the outdoors. We hope your time spent on Block Island and at Koru is a reflection of our spirit and a rejuvenation of yours.


Our hours:





Contact Us:

Koru Eco Spa,
30 High Street
Block Island,
RI, 02807,
Phone: 401-360-4606
Email: koruspadesk@gmail.com