Our 50 Minute & 80 Minute Body Treatment Menu

Scotch Beach: Reap the blood stimulating, anti-oxidant, and firming benefits of coffee and finish with a detoxifying African clay mask. 80 min/$170

Mansion Beach: Start with a coffee scrub to stimulate blood circulation and fatty tissue breakdown.  Finish with a detoxifying and debloating French seaweed wrap as you de-stress.  80 min/$170

Crescent Beach: With your choice of either a sugar, sea salt, or coffee scrub this treatment is the perfect summer exfoliant guaranteed to leave your skin glowing.  50 min/$120

Vail Beach: Too many days baring all under the sun? Rehydrate your parched skin with our soothing aloe, fresh cucumber, oatmeal, and local Block Island honey wrap. 50 min/$120

*All body treatments are done by massage therapists and incorporate a shortened full body massage.