All Massages Are Either 50 Minutes/$130 or 80 Minutes/$175 unless otherwise specified.

Swedish: Long gliding strokes make this the ultimate massage for relaxation  Less intense than a deep tissue.

Deep Tissue: A knot busting massage.  Therapists work deeper into your muscles focusing on releasing trigger points.

Eastern: A combination of shiatsu, thai, stretching and more alternative eastern techniques.

Pedisage: Treat your feet to a little R&R, a massage just for the them.  Note this is a 25 minute massage.  25 minutes/$70  (This massage can be added to any 50 or 80 minute massage as well).

Prenatal: A side lying massage with body pillows to help relieve the particular stresses of pregnancy.

Sports: Deep and therapeutic like a deep tissue massage but with focus on sports or any nagging injuries.  Great for pre and post competition!

Block Island Sacred Stone: Based on both ayurvedic and western philosophies, large heated BI stones, chosen for their grounding properties, are placed on key energy centers of the body while the therapists provide a full body massage.  It’s anything but a traditional hot stone massage. (50 min $135/ 80 min $175)

**Aromatherapy: Add aromoatherapy to any massage.  Choose from one of our custom blends below or request your own scent.  $15.

-rejuvenating (lemon, peppermint, & rosemary)
-soothing (lavender & ylang ylang)
-balancing (geranium & vetiver)

**Hot Stones: Turn any massage (except prenatal) into a hot stone massage.  Different from our sacred stone massage, this is a more traditional use of massaging with smaller basalt stones. $15

**Cucumber Eye Mask: Fresh cucumber is pureed, formed into an eye mask, and placed over your eyes throughout your service.  $10.