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Spa Life

Ten degrees and 15 minutes more of daylight….

I was in Strength & Stretch class this week, when one of the participants reported that daylight would increase this week by 5 minutes a day, so in just a few days the light would be 15 minutes longer then today. I am a lover of light and in specific Block Island light. The way it hits the water, the sand, the docks, the boats, my children’s faces….and don’t even get me started on Moonlight.


To those of us that are familiar with beauty and magic of Block Island, there is a turn happening this week when the temperature rises a few of degrees. It doesn’t take much for those of us that have enjoyed a summer day on the Island or for me 24 summers. When the temperature is on the rise, and the daylight extends even if by minutes….at least once a day we think of the summer, the fun, the labor and the magic.


What is your favorite aspect of Block Island? Some say, the calm, the peace for others maybe its the party, the positive vibe and its loving people. There is special simplicity even in celebration. Weddings that can be logistically more complicated on Block Island have a signature ease in the spiritual and interconnectedness.   For me, when I watch people come and go, what I see in you, is ultimately the ability to drop in and be more connected. More connected? Yes, to yourself, perhaps to your family, the stories, the laughter. Smiles that happen in February for whatever reason are harder to see. I think even if you are a multi-tasker and stack even your rest days on Block Island with work emails and conference calls, I am suggesting that even these tasks are performed with deeper joy and connectedness when on the Island.


Here at the Spa, my single most favorite aspect of being a part of this beautiful environment is watching my guests arrive and through there time here at the Spa become more connected to their sense of self. I have seen it hundreds perhaps thousands of times and yet it never gets old. Better yet, when individuals come in for a massage at the beginning of their vacation and it amplifies their relaxation ability.


Last Fall, a grandmother came up to the front desk, shoulders hunched over and her neck was not very visible. She said to me, I have a gift certificate my daughter and granddaughter got me and I am here for a week so I would like to schedule a massage. I was so happy for her that her family had gifted this to her especially seeing how she was carrying herself. She went on to say so I am thinking of coming in in three or four days after I have had the chance to relax. I was raised to always respect my elders, so I gently said, perhaps you should come in this evening or tomorrow morning so you feel great in your body and can relax even better for the rest of the week. She paused and thought about what I was saying, then she grinned and said yes, what do you have this available this evening.


Say yes, to feeling good now. Say yes to connecting with your higher self. Say yes to the magic of Block Island….your time is rippling closer and I look forward to seeing you!

In love & Light,
Jill Kirby Seppa

Meet Koru’s All-Star Massage Team!

Meet Koru’s All-Star Massage Team!

Meet Koru’s All-Star Massage Team!

Koru’s massage staff this year is the best of the best! We are ecstatic to have three of our best massage therapists ever returning back to Koru this summer: Gina, Leidi, & Ellen!


     Recognize the faces?
Gina has been leading our massage team for multiple years now and ensures everyone    is giving massage and body treatments on par with any spa in the country. Gina is our powerhouse and great at treating athletes with sore muscles.

Leidi first arrived at Koru last year and quickly became an in demand therapist with her natural understanding of touch and the body. Her touch is naturally therapeutic and soothing.

Ellen started at Koru our second season and worked thru our 4th season. She has been living and massaging in Hawaii since then; however, she is back at Koru thru Labor Day weekend! Her style is long slow and deep work.

All three therapists specialize in deep tissue work and customizing your massage to the pressure level and needs you prefer.

Stay cool and summer on!
~The Koru Crew!