Health Benefits of Oils

Health Benefits of Oils

The Benefits of Oils.


Oils have been a well-known health and beauty remedy for thousands of years, and for good reason. They transform us from the inside out, and give us a healthier, younger appearance without exposing us to chemicals toxins, or harsh treatments. When we were younger, oils naturally held our skin together, causing it to look consistently luminous and bright, but as we age, we naturally produce less of them. By adding oils back into our skin, we are supporting its structure and foundation as well as helping it to retain the necessary moisture it requires to look vibrantly beautiful.


There are many kinds of oils but here are a few ones that are especially nourishing and effective both externally and internally. Remember that while choosing oil products, they work best in their most basic and traditional form.


Coconut oil: Coconut oil is a well-known super food with a powerful and unique combination of fatty acids with powerful medicinal properties. It provides energy, helps to kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses, lowers the risk of heart disease, and improves the health and appearance of hair and skin. It also can be used as a mouthwash to help kill bacteria and fight against bad breath.


Sesame oil: Sesame oil is a naturally antiviral, antibacterial, and inflammatory agent, with it’s origins dating back to India as a widely used healing oil, and is often times called the “Queen of oils” as it is a potent antioxidant with superior skin protection.


Olive oil: Olive oil is extracted from the crop of the olive tree, native to the Mediterranean basin, and has also been around for thousands of years. It is full of minerals, vitamins and proteins to keep your hair, nails, and skin healthy, and is actually closer in chemical structure to the skin’s natural oil than any other naturally occurring oil.


Almond oil: Almond oil is acquired from dried almonds through a process called cold pressing, and is nourishing, protective, and high in oleic and linoleic acids. This oil is particularly great anti-inflammatory oil, so is often used on acneic skin.


This year at Koru Eco Spa we’re offering a brand new treatment for hands and nails called the Hot Oil Manicure and it works wonders for the hands and nails. This manicure is similar to the traditional manicure only instead of prepping with hot, soapy water to soak your hands, we’ll use an electric heater with oil. Your hands will be in absolute bliss.

Spa Life

Spa Life

Ten degrees and 15 minutes more of daylight….

I was in Strength & Stretch class this week, when one of the participants reported that daylight would increase this week by 5 minutes a day, so in just a few days the light would be 15 minutes longer then today. I am a lover of light and in specific Block Island light. The way it hits the water, the sand, the docks, the boats, my children’s faces….and don’t even get me started on Moonlight.


To those of us that are familiar with beauty and magic of Block Island, there is a turn happening this week when the temperature rises a few of degrees. It doesn’t take much for those of us that have enjoyed a summer day on the Island or for me 24 summers. When the temperature is on the rise, and the daylight extends even if by minutes….at least once a day we think of the summer, the fun, the labor and the magic.


What is your favorite aspect of Block Island? Some say, the calm, the peace for others maybe its the party, the positive vibe and its loving people. There is special simplicity even in celebration. Weddings that can be logistically more complicated on Block Island have a signature ease in the spiritual and interconnectedness.   For me, when I watch people come and go, what I see in you, is ultimately the ability to drop in and be more connected. More connected? Yes, to yourself, perhaps to your family, the stories, the laughter. Smiles that happen in February for whatever reason are harder to see. I think even if you are a multi-tasker and stack even your rest days on Block Island with work emails and conference calls, I am suggesting that even these tasks are performed with deeper joy and connectedness when on the Island.


Here at the Spa, my single most favorite aspect of being a part of this beautiful environment is watching my guests arrive and through there time here at the Spa become more connected to their sense of self. I have seen it hundreds perhaps thousands of times and yet it never gets old. Better yet, when individuals come in for a massage at the beginning of their vacation and it amplifies their relaxation ability.


Last Fall, a grandmother came up to the front desk, shoulders hunched over and her neck was not very visible. She said to me, I have a gift certificate my daughter and granddaughter got me and I am here for a week so I would like to schedule a massage. I was so happy for her that her family had gifted this to her especially seeing how she was carrying herself. She went on to say so I am thinking of coming in in three or four days after I have had the chance to relax. I was raised to always respect my elders, so I gently said, perhaps you should come in this evening or tomorrow morning so you feel great in your body and can relax even better for the rest of the week. She paused and thought about what I was saying, then she grinned and said yes, what do you have this available this evening.


Say yes, to feeling good now. Say yes to connecting with your higher self. Say yes to the magic of Block Island….your time is rippling closer and I look forward to seeing you!

In love & Light,
Jill Kirby Seppa

Priming For Your Big Day  

Priming For Your Big Day



Your wedding is approaching fast. Your venue awaits on one of the most beautiful islands in the world, your flowers are ordered and hair and nails booked. Yet, there’s one more thing to consider: your skin. Yes, your skin is one of the most important things to consider on your wedding day.

Everyone should look glowingly gorgeous for memories and photos, and this means starting to prep a couple of weeks before. We know how overwhelming weddings tend to be, but when it comes to your skin, don’t worry about a thing- here at Koru, we’re here to help you and your party prepare for a perfect skin day.

Here are some tips to get your skin into wedding day shape, even if you’re not the bride.
Cleanse your skin twice daily.
It’s always important to wash your face morning and night with the proper cleanser for your skin type.

Hydration creates luminous skin because when we drink water, it increases our blood flow, aids in flushing out toxins, and makes fine lines and enlarged pores look less visible. We recommend drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.
Fill up on vibrant, healthy foods and whole vitamins.
Broccoli, almonds, turmeric, cucumber and celery area all amazing foods for reducing skin inflammation.

Exfoliate 1-3 times per week.
Exfoliation is key to dissolving dead skin cells and brightening the skin.

Always moisturize.
Moisturizers that contain rich emollients, and reactants will help the skin retain its natural moisture and draw water to the top layer so skin feels and looks softer.

Don’t forget your beauty sleep.
When you’ve skimped on sleep it will generally show in your face. Tired skin results in dark circles, skin sags, and an overall lack of luster. Your skin repairs itself while you sleep, so be sure you’re getting at least 6-8 hours a night.

Wear sunscreen daily.
It’s crucial to wear sunscreen daily to protect it from premature aging and cancerous cells. Here at Koru we carry a chemical free organic line called Block Island Organics that is safe and effective in every possible way.

Have a facial or two.
We are offering a wedding facial for $70 to prime the face for your big day and makeup application using our beautiful natural skincare line Juice Organics, and their calming, pore reducing, moisturizing products.

Don’t let your skin add additional stress to your important day. Come see us at Koru Eco Spa, Block Island, RI and we’ll have you looking beautiful and in love with not only your significant other, but also your skin.
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Meet Koru’s All-Star Massage Team!

Meet Koru’s All-Star Massage Team!

Meet Koru’s All-Star Massage Team!

Koru’s massage staff this year is the best of the best! We are ecstatic to have three of our best massage therapists ever returning back to Koru this summer: Gina, Leidi, & Ellen!


     Recognize the faces?
Gina has been leading our massage team for multiple years now and ensures everyone    is giving massage and body treatments on par with any spa in the country. Gina is our powerhouse and great at treating athletes with sore muscles.

Leidi first arrived at Koru last year and quickly became an in demand therapist with her natural understanding of touch and the body. Her touch is naturally therapeutic and soothing.

Ellen started at Koru our second season and worked thru our 4th season. She has been living and massaging in Hawaii since then; however, she is back at Koru thru Labor Day weekend! Her style is long slow and deep work.

All three therapists specialize in deep tissue work and customizing your massage to the pressure level and needs you prefer.

Stay cool and summer on!
~The Koru Crew!

Koru Staff Profile! Meet Gina!

Koru Staff Profile! Meet Gina!

Name: Gina Lepore
From: Boston

Favorite Island Eatery: Froozies
Spa Education: Asheville School of Massage and Yoga
Position at Spa: Massage Therapist
Favorite Spa T-Shirt: White and Tangerine
Favorite Essential Oils: Grapefruit and Lavender

What drew you to the massage industry?
I was interested in holistic health and was inspired by the atmosphere at the Ayurvedic Clinic I worked at. I like working with my hands and wanted to help people heal their bodies. I enjoy the spiritual and physicality of it.
Where do you want to take your career?
I would like to eventually have my own massage and yoga studio.
What brought you to Block Island?
I was in Costa Rica volunteering and saw an ad for employment on Block Island.  I had been here once for a family friends celebration and thought it would be a good place to be.
What do you like most about Island life?
The nature, the beaches, water activities and biking around the Island.
What do you like most about the Spa?
I love the rustic feel. I like that all of our products are Earth friendly and that we are an eco-conscious Spa. I love that people come here to feel good.
What are some of your must visit/see/do spots on Block Island?
The Labrynth, Pond & Beyond Kayaks, Elevation Studio (where she teaches Friday evenings but was too humble to mention in the interview) and Paddleboarding with Diamond Blue.
Where can you be found in your downtime?
Joking around with the crew at the Poor Peoples Pub

Block Island in the New York Times!

Block Island in the New York Times!

One of our favorite BI articles from the N.Y. Times:

THE sights of an East Coast summer — body surfers careering toward the beach, children licking fudge ripple off sticky knuckles, bicycles casting shadows on hot pavement — vanish after Labor Day, when pool closings and school openings signal the beginning of a more somber season. But on this island, 13 miles offshore, the summer idyll slides far into fall.

“September and October are the two most beautiful months on the island,” said Kim Gaffett, a naturalist who grew up here and is now first warden, the chief elected official on the island (technically the Town of New Shoreham, population about 1,000).

For Ms. Gaffett, fall’s enchantment lies in the reduced humidity, the optimal stargazing, the flocks of birds heading south for the winter and the surprisingly warm ocean. The deeper waters off Block Island help retain the summer’s warm temperatures into the fall; the shallower waters along the mainland cool more quickly. “But I think it’s also relative to the outside temperature” — the hotter the weather, the colder the water feels. “Some of the magic may be in people’s brains.” (more…)

More Goodies- Couple’s Escape and Weddings!

More Goodies- Couple’s Escape and Weddings!

Hair Services

Koru builds relationships with stylists from around the country to bring you top rate hair services.

Let our stylists from New York and California give you that look you’ve been wanting to try… whether it be Block Island natural, NYC chic, or sun-kissed California.  Please call the spa for prices.

Couple’s Escape

Sometimes you NEED a vacation from vacation. Whatever the reason, run away to our spa for a 2 hour couple’s retreat. Start with a couple’s 80 minute massage. Finish with champagne, chocolates, and some private R & R time away from the world to relax in our spa lounge.  $475


From the toes to the makeup and hair or whether it’s the bride, the whole bridal party, or the groom we have a full array of wedding services available.  Book your wedding services with us and relax knowing you’re in professional, responsible, and experienced hands.  Email to inquire about pricing, confirm availability of your wedding date, book a trial, or ask any assortment of questions!

Massages at Koru Eco Spa

Massages at Koru Eco Spa

All Massages Are Either 50 Minutes/$130 or 80 Minutes/$175 unless otherwise specified.

Swedish: Long gliding strokes make this the ultimate massage for relaxation  Less intense than a deep tissue.

Deep Tissue: A knot busting massage.  Therapists work deeper into your muscles focusing on releasing trigger points.

Eastern: A combination of shiatsu, thai, stretching and more alternative eastern techniques.

Pedisage: Treat your feet to a little R&R, a massage just for the them.  Note this is a 25 minute massage.  25 minutes/$70  (This massage can be added to any 50 or 80 minute massage as well).

Prenatal: A side lying massage with body pillows to help relieve the particular stresses of pregnancy.

Sports: Deep and therapeutic like a deep tissue massage but with focus on sports or any nagging injuries.  Great for pre and post competition!

Block Island Sacred Stone: Based on both ayurvedic and western philosophies, large heated BI stones, chosen for their grounding properties, are placed on key energy centers of the body while the therapists provide a full body massage.  It’s anything but a traditional hot stone massage. (50 min $135/ 80 min $175)

**Aromatherapy: Add aromoatherapy to any massage.  Choose from one of our custom blends below or request your own scent.  $15.

-rejuvenating (lemon, peppermint, & rosemary)
-soothing (lavender & ylang ylang)
-balancing (geranium & vetiver)

**Hot Stones: Turn any massage (except prenatal) into a hot stone massage.  Different from our sacred stone massage, this is a more traditional use of massaging with smaller basalt stones. $15

**Cucumber Eye Mask: Fresh cucumber is pureed, formed into an eye mask, and placed over your eyes throughout your service.  $10.